QtQuick 2 MediaPlayer on Windows don't work bufferProgress

  • Hi guys, I creating a multimedia application using qml MediaPlayer component to play online video (m3u8 files from website).
    I have a problem with the property BufferProgress.
    On Windows, this property does not work, and video playback does not pause during the buffering process, as expected from the documentation "Playback can start or resume only when the buffer is entirely filled".
    I tried LAV Filters and I tried with KLite Code Pack it works as same.
    I use Qt 5.12.3 with MSVC2017 compiler on Windows, but I also try on Qt 5.14.1.

    On macOS and Linux all works as expected and perfect.

    You can see all source code how I use mediaplayer by link.

    As example link on online video.

    Any idea what happened?

    Thank you.

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