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Mac Qt Creator 4.11.2 consistently periodically hangs

  • I just installed 4.11.2 and now whenever Qt Creator runs, it temporarily HANGS the entire computer, even at the MOMENT of startup (before the "zoom the icon" effect in the finder even completes). No response from the computer at all. then it periodically handles all pending events (all those clicks i was attempting), then hangs again, repeating the hang.

    when i look in Activity Monitor during this time i get this:
    Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 10.16.15 AM.png
    TCC.framework (tccd) is the security framework for macos. note in the CPU Load graph, the spike (the start of the hang), the long tail of blue (continued hang) then the sudden dip (stopped hanging, now handling events for a SHORT period).

    I have completely uninstalled Qt, then reinstalled from scratch. same problem.

    Note that launching Qt Creator from the terminal does NOT cause this problem.

    I attempted to reinstall the previous version of Qt Creator, but i can't find it in the Maintenance tool, even when checking all the "Select Package Categories" boxes

    if you want to see the movie, click here.

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