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Updating of MaintenanceTool and Qt creator book-keeping

  • A while ago my installation of Qt5.14.1 64 bit MinGW showed an issue with missing dlls making the tool change unusable. Uninstallation did not work at several attempts. Qt5.14.1 32 bit MinGW did work and I decided to wait until Qt5.14.2 is out.

    Now I have Qt5.14.2 32bit and 64bit working and thought that I may deinstall all Qt5.14.1 versions at once. It turned out that only the 32 bit MinGW version has been deinstalled when checking all versions. 64 bit MinGW and the Android version remained including the also the source folder.

    I have removed manually the remaining folders. I can start Qt creator, but it still shows some warning for the removed toolchain and the MaintenanceTool shows still that those versions are present.

    Is there a way to reorganize the book-keeping for MaintenanceTool and Qt creator?

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