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nRF connect dongle with Qt for windows

  • Hi everyone,

    I have a dongle nRF52 connect USB from Nordic Semiconductor brand plug in USB on my laptop with Windows 10.
    I would like to use Qt to detect some LE device around me with this dongle .. Is it possible ?

    I am trying to do with Heart Game example from Qt but it detect nothing and it pass with Bluetooth antenna from windows(my laptop) to search and not from my dongle..
    How i can make this link ? is it my job or Qt BLE library are able to do that ??

    Thank you for your help.


    Ps : I use Qt creator 5.14.1 with MSVC 17 64 Bits .

  • Hi @martial123,
    I have the same setup as you and I'm looking to use my nRf52 as a master in my Qt application.
    Have you found a solution to your problem ?

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