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2 problems using statemachine with scxml

  • Hi, I'm building simple voice app using QScxmlStateMachine with scxml file and qml(mainly),
    there's 2 stuck points matching voice interface concept.

    1. I'm looking for the event handling method for each state.
      for example, let's say that there's a state having some events to transit to other state.
      I want to manage the event if it's not processed by the current state and raise errorEvent.
      as I'm testing, the wrong event(if I say) seems just dropped or queued without notification.
      how can I handle that..?

    2. how can I implement "back" command efficiently which is literally backing to the previous state?
      for now, there seems only one way which draws transition tag for each states - conditioning by previous state!
      Could there be any functions to use like goToState(target) so that I can make state stack and pop the previous one and use..?