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Installer framework questions

  • Hi, all -

    I created an installer today. Seems to be mostly OK, with a couple of minor issues. I got a bunch of files in the installation directory that I wasn't expecting:

    • components.xml
    • installer.dat
    • maintenancetool.[dat|exe|ini]
    • nextork.xml
    • a text file I'd put into my com.vendor.product/data directory to remind me of something

    How do I tell the installation tool not to include any or all of these files? (This is an offline installer, so no repository is configured.)

    Thanks...I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

  • BTT: anyone?

    I'm also curious as to whether I can override the default installer behavior of disallowing installations into existing, non-empty directories.

    And...as a bonus question: how can I get Creator to automatically copy my .exe into the installer area? If I understand the docs, this should work:

    installer.path = ../installer/packages/com.vendor.product/data
    INSTALLS += installer

    But, it doesn't copy the file.

    Thanks for any help...

  • BTT...thanks.

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