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QML file dialog

  • Hi I am using qml file dialog component for my front end project. while i am trying to load the file dialog using name filters[] property, using my file extension, file dialog is not loading my required extension and is crashing. the snippet is as follows

    FileDialog {
    id: fileDialog
    title: fileInput.dialogTitle
    nameFilters: ["(*.wfp)"]
    onFileUrlChanged: {
    fileInput.value = fileDialog.fileUrl

    Any leads that i can find my way through? I am new in this frame work so just let me know if any further details of the code that can help you understand what is missing is causing this. I am struggling to understand what is wrong. i have read the documentation carefully and did exactly what have been said.

  • @VinayP i have solved it on my own after some struggle. i found out that changing the mingw version from 32 bit to 64 bit during the configuration of kits will solve the issue as the qml was configured in 64 bit and backend was configured in 32 bit versions.

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