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Please help with Qt Creator. For some reason builds take very long and simulator doesnt want to start.

  • Hi,
    I am totally new to Qt. I just installed the sdk with default settings on windows xp pc and run QtCreator. I tried build and run clock example application following the help file there. Building it took cca 10minutes! Which seems too long, isnt it? And then it crashed when trying to start the simulator. Then I tried battery status example and again... it took very long to build(and it should only display progressbar and simple text) and then crashed while starting simulator.
    Application output says: Could not start simulator!
    And MS Visual C++ window pops up saying: Debug error... File c:\ndk_buildreposy\qt-simulator\src\corelib\glbal\qglobal.cpp... Line 2271 ...Could not start simulator!
    But I have no direcotry ndk_buildreposy on my C driver.

    What may be wrong? It is really frustrating :( Do I need to have Visual Studio 2008 installed separatelly or something? I have only Visual Studio C++ 2008 Express as it is free.

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    There is teh possibility to use Qt creator with msvc2008 compiler.
    In general, it should work. However, you can use Qt and stay completely with the msvc2008 environment. Or you can use Qt with Qt creator and the mingw compiler.
    Since you have only access to the express of msvc, I would recommend to start using qt creator with the compiler as it comes and that is the mingw compiler.
    Did you install mingw with the sdk?

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