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Large QQuickFramebufferObject slow down the scene graph thread using camera

  • Hi, I use Qml (Android) with the Camera/VideoOutput items and an embedded large QQuickFramebufferObject which contains the AR content. Now the behavior is the larger (amount of vertices) the QQuickFramebufferObject the more the VideoOutput starts to jerk, but the QQuickFramebufferObject stays smooth.


    Window {
       Camera {
       VideoOutput {
    Loader {
       active: true
       visible: status == Loader.Ready
       source: "qrc:/mdl/qml/fbo.qml"


    Fbo {
       anchors.fill: parent
       mirrorVertically: true

    Is there a way to control the framerate of the Camera/Videoutput from the scene graph thread somehow to make it more smooth?

  • have you resolved this problem? I met the same problem.

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