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QHostInfo IPv6 reverse name resolution

  • Hi,

    I'm currently working on a ping analyser, so far I've been testing exclusively with IPv4, but I added IPv6 support in yesterday.

    Here in the UK, my ISP does not support IPv6, so I had to set up a tunnelbroker account and create a 6in4 account from my dev machine, this allows me to send and receive IPv6 packets.

    I have an issue though, that I believe is due to the tunnel set up and my DNS servers, reverse name resolution using QHostInfo is not working, if I give it a IPv6 address it does not return the host name. This only affects IPv6, IPv4 correct reverse resolves which is why I believe it's something to do with the tunnel and the DNS server being queried.

    Can somebody who has a proper IPv6 network try a reverse resolution using QHostInfo and see if it correctly returns a host name?


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