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  • Hey QT-Devs,
    O have a quesion to my GUI with a QTListwodget!
    I have a listwidget for my ChatClient where i can see all connected Users.
    And if i click a user i wanna get like a sidewindow where i can see his name and online time and so on. But how to i make this "pop up window" kinda same like in many games and so on where you click an User and get informations or anything else.

    Do i need to completly open like a lineedit or is there any function for this

    Hope for help and thank you! Hope you understand my problem!


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    There is no function for it.
    Only thing close to that is tooltips. You can also tool tip ListWidget items.

    You have to popup a widget near the ListWidget.

    Does this info box sort of floats over other elements on the form, like a window or its
    inside the form next to the widget ?

  • Just create a widget for the popup with the user information and add it to the layout besides the listwidget. Then hide() it and connect the user-click to show() it.

  • @mrjj no just normal! But thank you LGTM!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Ok then gde23 suggestions should work fine.
    You could use a QLabel. Its supports HTML text so you can have
    some bold etc to make it look nicer.
    alt text

  • @mrjj
    LGTM!! Thanks a lot

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