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Command Line/Terminal Installers

  • What options are available to install Qt via command line/terminal for Linux, MacOS, and Windows?

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    There is the offline installer that can be started from commandline but can
    you explain a bit more about what the goal is ?
    On some linux distos you can also install Qt from its App store.
    apt-get install or what ever manager used.

    Something like a silent install ?

  • @mrjj I’m trying to automate first time setups for a project I’m working on and want to be able to pull prebuilt qt libraries all by calling either a bash script or a powershell script. I want to have solutions for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. I would also prefer the solution to be more or less the same for each platform (not rely on apt/homebrew/chocolate).

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    Do you mean so other developers can just use this solution to get the needed setup with
    no manual steps?

    For a cross paltform solution, i think the silent installer as shown in the link is the most useful
    for auto installing the same across platforms.
    But it might be some hours work to make it work 100% on all platforms.

    But why do you need this if i may ask ?
    normally you just install 1 time on each platform and that is that.

  • @mrjj The solution there looks to be a linux only option. I need this to help new users install the correct versions of Qt5 for the project. I also am not installing to the default system paths. I had at first tried compiling Qt and that turned into a nightmare and was never able to get Windows working. My alternate solution is to programmatically install the Qt libraries into the project directory so users can compile. I want this step to be completely automated such that the project can be downloaded on any platform. I don't want to have to bundle the installer and deal with having to do something unique per platform. My expectation was that I could specify a version and a platform and do some kind of curl command to grab what I need. Is this not the case?

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    Actually it's for Qt Installer Framework which is used on all platforms so while shown for Ubuntu linux, it should work the same on other platforms. ( i did not test it )
    It runs the installer with a custom script to make a silent install.
    On Windows, it would just be qt-opensource-windows-x86-5.14.1.exe
    and similar on macOS

    Regarding to using curl.
    You can get the installer
    but then user still has to check the right.

    Here its done on windows using powerscript and same type of installer script

    So I guess you can make a script that uses curl to get the right
    installer and then use the script to silently install what is needed.

    but you would need a script pr platform so not sure it will make you 100% happy :)

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