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How to remove the Online-installer component during the update?

  • I'm about to release a new version of a product. As far as a program spreads with the Online-Installer, I need to update the repository. In the new version one of components should be removed, but I cannot figure out, how it should be done. The first idea was that I need to add a new element to the meta information of this element, but, I didn't find something like this on this page. The next idea was that I should define the component to remove as an argument of repogen utility, but it's also not true. So I updated the repository and just removed partition of this component from the Updates.xml file. And, actually, it works, but if a user installs a program "from scratch" only. In case of a user updates the old version, which already has a component I need to remove in the new version, this component will be shown in the Online-Installer in the "Add or remove components" part. So, can somebody give an advice, how can I remove the component in the new version?