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Phrasebook Utility Tool for Linguist

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm sure some - or most - of you already run into the situation, where you have a (qt)project and you would like to update your translation files with translation files from other/previous projects.

    So that you would not have to do the same translation/copy&paste work over and over again.

    Sadly, neither Linguist nor the related command line tools lupdate and lrelease offer a feature to include previous translations.

    Linguist technically has such a feature, but it requires you to use phrasebooks. But it has for example no export functionality, where you could export your (finished) translation file as a phrasebook. You have to add each and every translation by hand.
    Phrasebooks can't be used by lupdate either (to find a similar heuristic translation).

    Therefore I create this Phrasebook Utility Tool

    With this tool you'll be able to:

    • merge two *.ts files into one
    • Patch a *.ts file with a phrasebook
    • Export *.ts file(s) as phrasebook(s)
    • Export multiple *.ts files into a single phrasebook
    • Update an existing phrasebook with with a *.ts file or an other phrasebook

    for more detailed information see the readme file.

    Happy translating!

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    Thanks for the tool !

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