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A question about using my Qt application commercially.

  • Hi everybody, this question has been biting at me for a while.

    I'm developing a game engine. I plan on making the tools (such as a level editor) in Qt. The game itself would not contain any Qt code, it would only read the files generated by my tools. Since I am not selling the tools, only the game executable itself and the files generated by the tools, would I still have to pay Nokia for selling my game?

    Thoughts and advice on this are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • I'm pretty sure you don't. First of all, Qt is available under LGPL license (which allows commercial uses under certain conditions). Second, you don't seem to distribute the tools in the first place. Third, Nokia no longer handles the commercial licenses, Digia does. If you need answers from them, just visit

  • Alright, this is good insight. Thanks!

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    I am not a lawyer, consult one if this has financial implications for you.

    As far as I understand you will need to make any changes to Qt itself public when you distribute your code using Qt under the LGPL. You can distribute a commercially licensed version of your code using Qt -- as far as I know without any special limitations.

    You can also buy a commercial license from Digia if that is not enough for you.

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