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Compiling Qt for use with powerpc-eabi

  • Hello,

    some weeks ago, I got a Wii. As the hacker and DIYer I am, the first thing I did was to install the Homebrew Channel (a way to run own programs on the Wii).
    But I never did much, because it wasn't fun to create all graphics almost from scratch, and also many other classes and functions I wanted theren't available.
    Ok I thought, if I can get Qt to run on the Wii, I will get a lot of functions and graphic classes etc. As I've already done a lot for my Windows 7 PC using Qt, I new it was possible to compile Qt for different operating systems.

    But well. I didn't come any longer. The problem is, that I used "devkitPPC": (the only thing I know to write programs for the Wii in C++) for developing for the Wii. It comes with compilers and linkers, all named something like powerpc-eabi-*.exe (powerpc-eabi-g++.exe, powerpc-eabi-gcc.exe etc.). But I haven't yet been able to find out a way to compile Qt using these compilers.

    How should I do?

    Also, I'm aware I may need to write some classes for some lowlevel stuff like graphics etc. That's another question: Witch files do I need to modify?

    Thanks in advance,

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