Static function getOpenFileName() of QFileDialog does not produce a native filedialog on KDE4 when linked static.

  • Hello,

    I configured, and compiled the Qt-libraries from source and static.
    I linked the Qt-libraries static into my application.

    I use the static function of QFileDialog getOpenFileName() in order to get the native filedialogs.
    This works with windows XP and with Ubuntu & Gnome. (Qt libs are linked static!)
    The problem is that is does not work on openSUSE & KDE4.
    On KDE4 I get the nonnative Qt QFileDialog.

    How do I get the native KDE filedialog on KDE4 when Qt-libraries are linked static?

  • So it uses the KDE file dialog when dynamically linked?

  • I'm troubleshooting a similarly strange issue. QT seems uses the KDE native File Chooser when I include the svg, network, and dbus modules (QT += network dbus svg)

    But if I remove ANY single one of those, it goes back to the QT File chooser. Its very bizarre that the svg module has any impact on that! I could see where network and dbus might have some affect, but svg?

    Not only that, apparently when using the KDE4 native chooser, QT receives a language change message ( "": ) from the native dialog that causes it to reset the UI to the defaults initially set for the interface!

    This all seems horribly inconsistent and broken. Whether QT is to blame or KDE, the two need to get together and figure it out. This behavior occurs with the Kubuntu 10.04 LTS distribution and will be around for some time. Its definitely in QT's interest for KDE to continue to work properly since they are so integrated. Many people choose KDE/Kubuntu because of that fact.

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