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Map not show under different user account (Windows 10)

  • I created a program that use Map and plugin from ersi. I also created the deployment using Windeployqt. Everything work fine. I copy the deployment folder into different computer, under my account on that computer, and everything work fine too. I copied under C:\ with intention to share with other users on the machine. However, when other users login, they can run the application, the application even show the copyright map source from ersi, but no map show!! (see pics)!
    I am completely baffle about this. It probably relates to permission, but the application actually run...without map. I tried streetmap too but it does not work neither. Does anyone have any idea?

    NoMap.jpg MapOK.jpg

  • I have no idea what happened, but this morning, the application runs fine on any account in that computer!!! :~|

  • I did some experiments and I think partially the problem is with ESRI map server did not response, or did not response fast enough. When I switch to Google plugin, the problem is not exactly go away, but the tiles do show or show up faster...

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