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Does the warranty cover a scratch out of the box?

  • Hello everyone.

    It's been a while since I posted here last. I've been busy with non-Qt stuff, but of course I've been following what's going on. My idea is to come here more often because... I just got my Nokia N9! I'be already been running the simulator with Qt applications for Harmattan. I have to admit that is the best thing I've ever owned. Flicking a switch to enable developer mode, and seeing a terminal with root capabilites automatically pulled was kind of a nerd-gasm. :) And since the device is Qt and Debian-based, seems like it was made just for me.

    Speaking of the N9, I have a question, related to a bad experience that I had.

    I got the phone on saturday, and yesterday I found a tiny weeny scratch on the screen. :-( :-( :-(

    At first I though it would be a stain or dust, but I cleaned the screen with one of those special towels, and it seems a small scratch. Is hard to notice, but it's there, and it breaks my heart seeing my beatiful new baby with a mark so early, specially because I treated the phone with extra care during this 5 days, and I'm 99% sure that the scratch had to come originally with the phone. I hardly touched the device, and it rest on my desk almost all the time with the rubber protector (that doesn't cover the screen, though).

    Has anyone had any experience with this? I can't believe that I could scratch a gorilla glass in just 4 days of almost no use. I still have the glass of my Desire and my N81 intact, after almost 2 years of heavy use each.

    The warranty should cover this kind of things (after all, that's the point of a scratch resistant glass), but I understand that is kind of impossible to prove how and when the scratch was made. Any experiences with this?

    Thank you guys.

  • Hmmmmm. :-S

    Did you try contacting Nokia customer support? They are usually very helpful when it comes to things like this. You can find them via your local flavor of :)

  • I am going to a local store in the next minutes, but you have to understand that I live in Spain, and here people is way more unreliable than the european average. I could go to 3 stores, and get 3 different answers. :)

    I trust more the opinion of the average geek that probably knows their rights better than the guy on the counter. :-S

    Well, going to the store, I'll tell you the first answer in a while.

  • You know what? That's the same everywhere. ;)

    Maybe it's worth checking with these people:

  • Well, more or less that's what happened:

    • First I went to a local Nokia Care. The guy was even surprised to see the N9 (he seemed to like it). He told me the system was unable to generate a budget for a repair on a product not sold in Spain, because he was very unsure that warranty could cover an aesthetic damage. So, no warranties on the warranty. He told me that returning the product to the shop was the only choice.
    • I called the shop this morning and told me they were unable to return the phone to Nokia, because they don't directly work with them, only through a supplier. They gave me the number of Nokia Care Spain.
    • I called Nokia, and they told me that since the product wasn't available on Spain, there was no warranty at all (that's ridiculous, and I know it's not true, because of course I bought it through a spanish retailer). They told me that there were no pieces, and that repairing it would mean sending it abroad, and maybe was more expensive than a new phone. They also pointed me to the shop, because the customer is supposed to have 7 to 14 days to return the product.
    • Since the shop has this 7-day return policy, I called them again this afternoon, and they told me that it was impossible that the phone could be damaged because it's boxed and the box is sealed. They of course pushed hard to convince me that they could no nothing at all. They finally said that they would send the phone to Nokia Care, but that they don't know if the warranty would cover it, so maybe I have to pay for the repair.

    So in conclusion:

    • If I send the phone to be repaired, it could be weeks of fighting and suffering for the whole thing, and I don't know if I would end up paying anyway.
    • Luckily, the scratches are small, and hard to notice, so all the suffering of the whole process it isn't worth it. I will keep the phone as it is.
    • Since the N9 packaging has the phone on the top of the box, maybe somebody handled it imporperly, and put too much weight in top of it, or hit the box accidentally. Since the N9 screen is curved outwards, it might me more sensitive to this.
    • Maybe I did the scratch without noticing (I doubt it very much, never had a scratch on a phone, not even in phones that fell on the street, so much less on a phone that means so much to me, and that is brand new), or maybe on saturday, when I handed over to a friend to show her Angry Birds, he hit the screen with a ring or something like that.
    • It sucks a lot wanting something that much, and be as passionate as I am. I've been loving KDE and Debian since years, and I've felt like an outcast for using this technologies all this time. The N9 was the dream of seeing something you like succeeding, and becoming mainstream. That dream was broken on the famous Elopocalypse, exactly 9 months ago. The N9 meant to me a life saver that I could hang on till I see the land, and I wanted it to last intact for a long time. This probably will teach me that dreams are nice, but you have to stick to reality.

    Well, sorry for my rant. I needed to vent a (not so) little bit.

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