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How to install heob plugin

  • Hello,

    I would like to install heob plugin into Qt Creator 5.5.1 on Windows, thus I have downloaded heob32.exe and heob64.exe as well as dwarfstack dll libraries for 32 and 64bits.

    Unfortunately I didn't find anywhere information describing where I should install exe and dll files.

    I tried to put these files into tools/plugins/bin then into the project directory but I cannot get heob option in Qt Creator Analyse menu.

    Besides I did not find some documentation explaining how to add a plugin to Qt Creator which is a pitty.

    Does anyone know how I can install heob plugin into my Qt Creator ?

    thank you for your help.

    Best regards.

    PS: there are two plugins directories in my QT installation, first one into QtCreator directory, second one into mingw492_32 directory, cannot tell which one is used (may be both I guess).

  • @dbill have you check the documentation?

    There's also a post about the heob plugin

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi @dbill,

    the HEOB plugin was added to Creator around version 4.5 (note: version 5.5 is the Qt version, not the Creator version!), so likely your Creator does not contain the plugin.

    If you want to use it, you will have to update Qt Creator (not necessarily Qt itself).


  • Thank you for your responses.

    In fact I am currently using Qt Creator 3.5.1 which seems to be on old version without heob plugin.

    Besides I am not sure that my IT responsible will accept to upgrade Qt Creator for me.

    Is thre any way to install heob plugin with Qt Creator 3.5.1 or is it quite not possible ?

    best regards.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi @dbill


    heob integration was introduced with Qt Creator 4.6.
    So you need to upgrade Qt Creator if you want the simple usage via the heob dialog.

    For older version you could still call heob manually, and then open the generated xml in Qt Creator.
    That's how i started and even got the idea for the integration in the first place.

    So that seems the only possible way.

    Btw.: While I agree that updating to every new version can have its downsides, you could consider an upgrade after 12! minor releases (approx. 4 years of development). Of course, taking care to not break your working environment, so best do that on a test station first.


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