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Simple QtQuick App crashes when resizing the window from the corners

  • Here is an interesting one:

    • Create a default QtQuick App
    • Run it
    • Resize it
    • Crash

    Here's a recording of my screen showing the crash on YouTube. The last run is done with a debugger and it points to somewhere in the nvidia drivers, however, I have no clue on what could be causing this.

    Some information on my system:

    • Windows 10 10.0.18362 Build 18362
    • GeForce 1080 TI with Driver 442.19 Release on Feb 3, 2020
    • Desktop Qt 5.14.1 MSVC2017 64bit (default)
    • Compiler is MSVC2019

    I found this post but it is from 2014, so I believe this is a new issue.

    Can anyone else reproduce it?

    • Update 1: I just noticed something interesting, the application only crashes when resizing from one of the corners.
    • Update 2: It seems the crash is due to the nvidia driver since using another machine with a AMD RX460 doesn't make the app crash

  • No problem with my NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M (laptop GPU), including the example you've linked. I can resize both examples across 2 monitors (VGA & HDMI) without a crash.

    Perhaps to downgrade your GPU driver and try again. NVIDIA are notorious for releasing buggy drivers in the 20+ years I've been using their cards, so it may well be a GPU driver problem and not Qt problem.

    • Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
    • NVidia GeForce GT 555M
    • Desktop Qt 5.14.2 (MSVC 2017, 32 bit)

  • Also, I had connected to a network and immediately set metered on the connection. It then proceeded to do some partial updates on my machine. On reboot my machine was doing all sorts of strange things with sound and graphics. So I put it on a network again and forced it to finish the regular updates. These problems went away. This is windows 10 home 1903. So make sure the updates for your current release are finished as that can cause weirdness too (not feature updates, that is different).

  • I will try again soon. Thanks for the help

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