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[Solved] gdb process crashed

  • I'm using QTCreator 2.3.0 and i write this application :
    QT += core gui
    TARGET = Ide
    TEMPLATE = app
    CONFIG += qt debug thread
    INCLUDEPATH = ./QtScintilla/Scintilla/include ./QtScintilla/Scintilla/lexlib \
    ./QtScintilla/Scintilla/src ./QtScintilla

    SOURCES += main.cpp
    ---------- + all source files in INCLUDEPATH

    HEADERS += idewindow.h
    ---------- + all header files in INCLUDEPATH

    FORMS += idewindow.ui


    ... the application has been properly compiled, but when I insert a breakpoint and I start debugging after a second show the dialog message with 'The gdb process crashed'.
    how can I do to debug the program?


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    Which system are you running on? Which version of gdb are you using? Where did you get it?

  • System : Window7
    gdb version : Qt SDK version 1.1.3 - Qt libraries version 4.7.4 (GDB Version - the full Qt installation download from this site.
    ... the source show is only part of the .pro file, the project contains the Scintilla source/include files v2.29, my personal Scintilla qt platform implementation sources, and QMainWindow to test the implementation. Problem is that I MUST enter in debug mode to correct the application crashes.

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    Hmmm... I guess the best thing is to "file a bug report": then.

    Please also include the debugger log (top left IIRC). Thanks!

  • I'am new developer with Qt... how can i create the debugger log file and where can i find it in Qt installation folders ? Tanks

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    The debugger log is displayed in the debugger view by default. It should be in the top left somewhere (sorry, I have changed the layout quite a bit here and am not sure where that was originally anymore).

  • I've just report a bug (QTCREATORBUG-6516) with attachment debugger log file in text format.
    Waiting for your reply...

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