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Qlocalserver & qlocalsocket server restart

  • Newbie question here!

    I want to create two processes, server/client, that will pass data between from client to server when the client has something new (data from client comes from a QTcpServer class.) I've looked over all of the IPC methods, and I thought qlocal(server|socket) gave me the best options (I want to emit a signal when shared data is available.)

    I want to be able to restart server at will (frequent code updates that the client will receive from QTcpServer class) but I'm not sure how to handle the socket reconnect properly. Are there any examples out there that show how to detect socket disconnect, reconnect?

  • Here's a twist (maybe...) I'm wondering if it makes more sense start the server as a QProcess of the client. That way, it might be easier|better to monitor the server's state as well as control restarts.

    As I mentioned, I'm a newbie. Just starting out w/Qt and only a moderate c++ programming to begin with. So if I'm way off base, just let me know and go back and do some more research.

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