Where to install a db connector?

  • Hello!

    I have a Windows machine where I wanted to test a simple console example program that connects to MariaDB using QODBC connector (downloaded and installed from MySQL website). The connector was recognized on the administrative tools as a data source (The ODBC Unicode 8.0 driver), configured the connector inputing the parameters of my database, ip, user and password with no problem.

    Then made a test inside the program and connection was success..

    Now, my client and server test was done using the same machine so I'm wondering where do I need to install and set the ODBC connector?.. client or server side?

    If client side, then does that means each client needs to configure its ODBC connector each time him/her install the program?


  • @U7Development
    ODBC connector is a client-side connector to a database. So needs installing on each client, and needs whatever configuration there.

    I don't know what installation tool you are going to use (e.g. windeployqt?). and whether that will offer some way of doing the configuration at that point.

  • Thanks man... Still don't decide which installation tool to use... may be some kind of wizard..


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