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No qmlviewer or qmlobserver found (in Qt Creator 2.4 beta)

  • Trying to run a simple QML project in Qt Creator 2.4 beta, with a Qt 4.7.3 distribution that I built myself for Visual Studio 2005.
    For some reason Qt Creator claims that "No qmlviewer or qmlobserver found", and will not let me run the program.
    There is a qmlviewer.exe in the bin directory of the Qt distribution, so this makes no sense to me at all.
    Has anyone experienced something similar, or have any idea what I can do to make Qt Creator "discover" the qmlviewer.exe application?

  • So, I think I found out what is going on. The reason I got this message was because I had not selected a "Main QML file" in the Run Settings. The default is "<Current File>", whatever that means, and causes the “No qmlviewer or qmlobserver found” message. If I select a "Main QML file", I can run it as expected.

    This behaviour applies to Qt Creator 2.3.1 as well, and any Qt versions I have tried. Does anyone know what "<Current File>" is supposed to be used for, and how? The “No qmlviewer or qmlobserver found” message I would assume is simply a bug, or am I interpreting it the wrong way?

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