Unable to play videos on Qt 5.14

  • Hello, I'm trying to play videos within qt 5.14, using QMediaPlayer, however I'm encountering the following two errors (multiple times):

    1. QWidget::paintEngine: Should no longer be called

    2. ** CRITICAL **: 17:27:45.769: gst_vaapi_window_reconfigure: assertion 'GST_VAAPI_IS_WINDOW (window)' failed

    I've tried to install gstreamer-1.0 and all of its plugins but it's not working either. As I searched, it looks like it's an open bug (?), but I wonder if there could be any workaround. I'm using ubuntu 19.10, BTW.


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    One test to do is build your application with your distribution provided Qt.

  • @SGaist Hi, Thanks for your reply.
    I tried also to play a video with one of Qt Creator's built-in examples (player example), but still, it's not playing the video correctly and give me exactly the same errors. It's just show a black screen and nothing more.
    I can't find my Ubuntu's Qt, do you know maybe where to find it (preferred using Qt creator).
    Thanks again!

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    When we say try Ubuntu's Qt we mean
    apt-get install qt5-default
    or similar versus installing a version from Qts site.


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