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Enabling JavaScript in QWebKit 4.7 over Symbian

  • I am trying to build a Symbian (S60 5th ed.) application with Qt 4.7.0. My application contains a QWebView widget. In Qt 4.6.3 the web view was running JavaScript perfectly. However, once I upgraded to 4.7.0, JavaScript is no longer working, not even in the "anomaly" browser demo.

    I've tried to set JavaScript explicitly, but in vain.

    @QWebSettings::globalSettings()->setAttribute(QWebSettings::JavascriptEnabled, true);
    ui->webView->settings()->setAttribute(QWebSettings::JavascriptEnabled, true);@

    Both calls do not work, and calling


    still yields false.

    What can I do to enable JavaScript in QtWebKit on Symbian?

  • I think that should work out of the box.

  • I have exact same code but I am not using QwebView rather I am using QGraphicsWebview but my plugin widget signals are not working, any idea/??

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