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Modbus RTU client: send failed error

  • Here the output of my program:

    State changed -> QModbusDevice::State(ConnectingState)
    State changed -> QModbusDevice::State(ConnectedState)
    (RTU client) Sent Serial PDU: 0x0303fe0001 ((null):0, (null))
    >> "Tx: 0x010303fe0001e5be"
     (RTU client) Sent Serial ADU: 0x010303fe0001e5be ((null):0, (null))
     (RTU client) Send failed: 0x0303fe0001 ((null):0, (null))
    Error "Request timeout." 
    << "Rx: 0x0103020000b844"
    (RTU client) Response buffer: "0103020000b844" ((null):0, (null))
    (RTU client) Received ADU: "0103020000b844" ((null):0, (null))
    (RTU client) Cannot match response with open request, ignoring ((null):0, (null))

    Here my code:

        QModbusClient *_modbus;
        bool ModbusMaster::open()
            _modbus = new QModbusRtuSerialMaster(this);
            connect(_modbus, &QModbusClient::stateChanged, this, &ModbusMaster::state_changed);
            connect(_modbus, &QModbusClient::errorOccurred, this, &ModbusMaster::error_occurred);
            _modbus->setConnectionParameter(QModbusDevice::SerialPortNameParameter, _port);
            _retry = RTU_RETRY; // 0
            _timeout = RTU_TIMEOUT;  // 1000
            return _modbus->connectDevice();
        bool ModbusMaster::read(QModbusDataUnit::RegisterType type, int startAddress, quint16 count)
            if (!_modbus) return false;
            if (_modbus->state() != QModbusDevice::ConnectedState) return false;
            QModbusDataUnit req(type, startAddress, count);    
            if (auto *reply = _modbus->sendReadRequest(req, _id))
                if (!reply->isFinished()) connect(reply, &QModbusReply::finished, this, &ModbusMaster::readReady);
                else delete reply;
                return true;
            return false;
        void ModbusMaster::readReady()
            auto reply = qobject_cast<QModbusReply *>(sender());
            if (!reply) return;
            if (reply->error() == QModbusDevice::NoError)
                const QModbusDataUnit unit = reply->result();
                // do something
            else if (reply->error() == QModbusDevice::ProtocolError)
                QStringList msg = QStringList() << "Error protocol" << reply->errorString() << QString::number(reply->rawResult().exceptionCode()) << QString::number(reply->result().startAddress());
                emit errorOccurred(msg.join(", "));
            else emit errorOccurred(reply->errorString());

    What does may cause a failure during send?
    Of course the tty port is available and I can write to it.

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