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Changing of tool chains

  • Qt creator is great for changing tool chains and compilation against different versions of Qt libs.

    However, with compilations for Android this becomes less comfortable to say the least. I have updated and added Qt5.14.1 to my configurations. Before I used Qt5.12.1 for a while. While switching from Qt5.12.1 to Qt5.14.1 I had to update also my Android tool chain because of some compilation issues with Qt lib internal headers.
    It was certainly easy to update my Android environment on windows 10. Merely a couple of clicks and some boring time until all is downloaded and installed. Luckily I had zipped the 20 GB SDK/NDK combination.

    After recompilation of my dynamic libs and the special adjustments required my app does not run when compiled against Qt5.14.1.

    Suddenly the wasted time in zipping the old setup of Android suite became handy. Also the careful changing of .pro file paid off.

    I could check if the app is still working when compiled against Qt5.12.1. Hurray it does.

    Besides having in the mean time two times 20 GB of Android on a harddisk I am facing another nuisance. Qt creator is not cabable of changing the Android SDK/NDK setup together with the tool chain change in creator.

    Anybody with a practical solution?