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Update of MaintenanceTool on Windows behaviour

  • I just updated my MaintenanceTool on Windows 10 64 bit. Now I have apparently 2 copies of the MaintenanceTool in the folder.

    The folder shows after the update:

    Obviously the MaintenanceTool.exe has still the old creation date. There is an apprent copy of the maintenanceTool with extensions and a date of today.

    When I restart MaintenanceTool.exe I cannot update again. However, I cannot check which version it is, because there is no obvious extry for pulling the version info of the application.

    Do I need both MaintenanceTool.exe and ? Or can I remove either one (with renaming to exe)?

  • Hi, MaintenanceTool probably got stuck in the process of updating itself. Toss the old MaintenanceTool.exe, rename to MaintenanceTool.exe and you should be good to go. (You might have to enter your account password again.)

  • username and password were still fine, but I had to confirm the remaining stuff.

    The strange thing was/is that the "old" MaintenanceTool did not bring up an update note.

    Anyway thanks for response.

  • Over the weekend I had the next update of MaintenanceTool required. Same story as before. Solved through renaming of to .exe.

    Now when starting Qt creator I have received this message:

    This is related to same cause. IIRC I have not restarted Qt creator before.

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    @koahnig UpdateInfo ist not a super important plugin. You can just disable it in About > Plugins.


  • @aha_1980

    The actual error is in details window. Unfortunately the description is wrong. When I have checked lateron, there was no MaintenanceTool.exe. Wonder why this is gone by now.

    Renamed back the last one and restarted. It found that Qt creator was not up-to-date, but apparently MaintenanceTool was?
    Not really clear what happened.

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  • @aha_1980

    Nope. It is an Intel i7-7700 CPU @3.60 GHz

    I have run the small test of the post and there is no warning popping up. It seems to function properly.

  • Hi koahning,

    I've had a similar problem. Maybe my bugreport helps:

    After installing notepad++ and assigning ".vbs" extension to it, windows wasn't able to execute ".vbs" scripts anymore. Resetting the assignment in the regedit (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.vbs to "VBSFile") solves this issue.

    Maybe this solves your issue, too.