Best Reporting Tool

  • What's the best reporting tool you've used and satisfied?

  • reporting of what?

  • reporting from database and XML. I found that new version of NCReport completely has bring into commercial and i'm looking for another reporting tool which support barcode.

  • What do you want to report?
    do you want to do some man hour reporting that is store inside a DB?
    Or do you want to create reports out of database values?
    or ...
    or ...
    or ...

  • Have you heared about report generators like NCReport or Crystal Reports?
    no varries what kind of data! JUST A REPORT TOOL LIKE "NCREPORT"!

    1. Man, you'd better calm down! No one can know all components ever written, whether it is a "reporting tool" or sdfsadfsading component for dsafdsfeww platform.
    2. Report is too general. It could mean anything.
    3. I think the word "tool" is appropriate for compiler, debugger, profiler, etc, but not component, class, lib or framework
    4. What does it have to do with Qt?

  • [quote author="mohsen" date="1320768443"]
    no varries what kind of data! JUST A REPORT TOOL LIKE "NCREPORT"!

    All caps is regarded as shouting loudly. You're most likely going to be ignored by that behavior in a public forum. Nobody wants to be shouted at.

    And if you're in that desperate need of such things, go ahead and buy a license of NCReport, it's Qt based from what I've seen.

    "KD Reports": is available as GPL, if you want to publish your source code under GPL too, that's an option.

    For everything else, your request is far too unspecific in order to give you detailed pointers.

  • thanks volker. no i wasn't loud. i just wanted to point to my previous post which i mentioned about NCReport. i learned too much from Gerolf and there's no reason to i shout at him. i honestly like you and Gerolf.
    you're right guys. tool is very general. i had to use better words like generator or designer instead of tool.

  • Short note regarding the all caps:
    Hm, I learned a wisdom from communications science, long time ago: If a reader (or listner) gets something wrong, it's always the fault of the sender. So, don't take it personally or offending. You might have meant it differently, but the usual reception of all caps in forums, usenet, email, etc. is "shouting loudly". We couldn't know that you meant differently ;-)

    To the actual topic:
    Is KD Reports something that suits your needs?

  • yes it sounds good. but i had trouble with compiling. i go step by step as it says in readme file but i get compile error for both kd chart and kd report.
    i get Error2

  • My guesss is, you get a lot more output than just "Error2". That is not informative, the rest of the output will be.

  • modbreak: deleted barcode spam again.

  • This post is deleted!

  • you also may try LimeReport

  • Take a look at CuteReport here or here

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