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QGraphicsItem pos error.

  • Hello
    I am using Linux 16.04, Qt5.4.0.

    We have developed a feature to add items to QGraphicsView + QGraphicsScene on Linux in 10 and 10 locations and save them as xml.

    If you load the xml again in the development environment, the item will be created in 10, 10 position normally.

    If you load this xml file in windows 7, Qt5.4.0, items are created at 10, 10, but at a different size and location than Linux.

    Will QGraphicsScene's items be affected by my monitor's resolution or operating system? I want to be created in the same place. What should I do?

  • @Pada_
    Please show some relevant code. What positions do you save? View coordinates? Scene coordinates? Item coordinates?

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