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How to intercept Ctrl + Click on external links

  • Hi, I'm currently working on an web-browser-like app that work with our own file format (.zim) and scheme. When the URL's scheme is our own we open it in our app, otherwise in the default user's web browser like Firefox or Chrome. We implemented the possibility to open a link in a new tab with the Ctrl+Click command thanks to the QWebEngineView::createWindow(QWebEnginePage::WebWindowType type) method where if the type is QWebEnginePage::WebBrowserBackgroundTab or QWebEnginePage::WebBrowserTab we create a new tab in our app. The problem is if we Ctrl+Click on an external link, it opens a new empty tab in our app and on the default user's web browser too. Do you know where I can intercept the request to know simultaneously if it's an external link and if it's a Ctrl+Click event ?

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