Qt Bluetooth in Windows: QBluetoothDeviceDiscoveryAgent::PoweredOffError not emitted

  • Qt Version : Qt 5.14.1 MSVC 2017 32 bit

    The bluetooth discovery agent module is not emitting the PoweredOffError error even though the Bluetooth adaptor is turned off in windows. Is this issue expected in Windows? The same code base is working in Android platform.

    Calling error() function of discovery agent after search is giving NoError value.

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    Don't quote me on this but I think it's normal. As far as I remember, Windows reports all devices as online as long as they are paired in system - even if in reality there are offline.

  • @sierdzio I was mentioning the Error that should be reported when the bluetooth adapter is off in the Windows (System searching for other devices).

    To add to your comment, in windows at least in Qt 5.14.1 the devices would be discovered even if it is not paired in system bluetooth manager. The same was not true in previous versions of Qt

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    Ah ok sorry! Indeed last time I worked with BT it was with older Qt version.