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Qt WebGL Streaming without GPU

  • Hi all,

    On in the "Use cases" topic, I can read that WegGL Streaming can be used with low-end device without GPU.
    I'm very interesting by this feature...

    I have an already working solution, in the same "environment" (Qt 5.12.6, Linux 4.9, Yocto branch "warrior"), but on a Wandboard (iMX6 with Vivante GPU, with open source driver armada+etnaviv and Xorg).

    I'm currently trying to use it with a "Zynq 7000" eval board (Xilinx CPU + FPGA in a simple chip but without GPU).

    But, I can't build the qtwebglplugin because I can't find the good "configure" options.
    On many Qt WebGL blog pages, I can read that to enable Qt WebGL Plugin, I need to build with "-open es" configure option.
    But, on a device without GPU, I need to build Qt with the "-no-opengl" configure option...

    My question is : Is it possible to build the Qt WebGL plugin for hardware without GPU (with -no-opengl ?) and which version used ? (I'm trying with 5.12, perhaps 5.14 fix this issue ?)

    Thanks for any solutions or lead to resolve this issue.

  • I find the solution myself.
    With Yocto branch Warrior (Qt 5.12), I build Qt with OpenGL enable:

    PACKAGECONFIG_GL_pn-qtbase = "gles2"
    PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-mesa += "gles"

    In this case, like I said, a QML application is very slow, butn if I set the variable

    export QMLSCENE_DEVICE=softwarecontext

    The application works like with no-opengl.

    And, I'm able to run this application in WebGL, by adding " -platform webgl:port=xxx" option (in this case, QMLSCENE_DEVICE must be unset)

  • @condo4 said in Qt WebGL Streaming without GPU:

    I find the solution myself.

    great and thank you for sharing it.
    please don't forget to mark this post as solved then!

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