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QTCreator v4.11.0/ linux x64/CMAKE/C symbols definition not found, unless QtCreator stared in CMAKE source directory

  • Bug : Symbols no found or not parsed on QtCreator 4.11.0 running CMAKE C/C++ projects on linux x64.
    The symbol definitions and declaration aren't found or reachable using the usual F2 key or context menu.
    The only way to resolve this is to start QtCreator from a terminal whose location is the CMAKe project source directory, where the CMakelists.txt file resides.

    This used to work without any problem starting Qtcreator from the desktop shortcut or any random location, since normally all that matters is that the CMAKE project is correctly defined and configures ok.

    Reproduce the issue:
    Create a CMAKE C or C++ project using Unix Makefiles or Ninja as a generator.
    If this does not reproduce the issue, use a cross compilation toolchain that point to an i.e. gcc-armv7 toolchain .


    Romain S
    Engineer at Flightcell International.