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What user licensing toolkit are you using?

  • Hello there,

    I am getting close to releasing an app that I need to manage user licenses for. The idea is a couple of different tiers of auto-renewing subscriptions. Target platforms are macOS (within a few months), windows (within the year), then iOS (unspecified).

    My original plan was to go with the Apple and Windows app stores with in-app purchases, but the combination of stiff royalties and inflexible product schemas (no student discounts, no multi-user license bundles, etc) at least in the Apple stores have me looking at third-party solutions. The best I see so far is, but I'm curious if anyone has had success with any other frameworks. Or, of course rolling your own.

    I understand that it's possible to process payments to enable app features for iOS apps so long as it assent advertised in the app itself. For example if you market, process payments, and manage user license features 100% on your website then it should pass the review guidelines. Has anyone had any experience doing this?

    I already have a backend service with end-to-end encryption to the app so I can implement whatever I need.

    Another consideration is some kind of distribution system with support for Sparkle (etc) feeds.


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