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Communicating with external device

  • How to comunicate with an extern device, like a pen (named TGS) for gyms? I need to read and write name and surname of the user, how many minutes to ran on the byke and so on.

    [edit, fixed typo in title, Eddy]

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    That depends on the device you need to talk to, how it is connected and which OS both the device and your computer are using.

  • i do not know what OS could a TGS pen could have. in fact, it is a pen that contains my name, age, what instruments i must use and how much time i must use them and so on. the whole of these dates are written from the pc, with OS XP. These keys are connected with a special pen reader. it reads and writes info on the device. i will post an image about the key.

  • this is the key (tga)

    [edit: fixed link to image, Eddy, so did I, Tobias]

  • There is no generic way in Qt to magically interact with each and every device.
    Sorry, you really need to know what kind of device you are talking about, and research for yourself how you can interact with it from your OS. The users in this group know about Qt, not about all kinds of exotic hardware.

  • thanks! =)

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