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  • Hi, I'm really new to QT and C++ and what I what I have is my program importing 2 separate images, but what I want to do now is to change all the pixels in one of the images by a certain degree (for instance, if a pixel is red, increase the R,G,B levels a little so it's lighter (pink in this case) and do that to all the pixels in the image).

    I just can't get my head around how to implement this. I tried stuff like QImage's setColor function but I just keep getting errors and what not and I'm just lost. If someone could show me how to implement something like what I said above, that would be fantastic. I will be sure to give you full credit if you can figure it out and help me.

    <<<Sidenote: My goal of this program is to eventually do a histogram equalization operation where you take the 2nd image's histogram data and apply it to the pixels of the 1st image. If you guys have any leads on that, it would be greatly appreciated as well.>>>

    Here's the whole project folder to try and run it:


    Thank you for your time!

  • such things happen when you use copy-paste method, so you should consider avoiding this style. You forgot to instatiate second QLabel, so the pointer imageLabel2 points just to some gibberish in memory.

    P.S. When you press F5 (debug) and your application fails, Qt Creator shows you the exact string with an error

  • Oh thanks a bunch man! I figured it all out and I can now input 2 images! :)

    Edit: New Question Added to OP!

  • Please open new threads for new questions, thanks.

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