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Udp broadcast send and receive problem

  • Hello friends,

    I have a problem.
    I am using Qt Windows 5.12.6 Mingw 32 and 64 bit. First I send a message to brodcast address using udp protocol. I send this message from other client devices I check and send different packages to the device I started broadcasting in return. I have this problem. The system is working properly when I make the program listening with Wireshark in the background. So I can send and receive packages. However, after I leave the network adapter that I selected in wireshark or when wireshark is off, my program stops sending and receiving packets.

    I gave full authorization to both programs I tested on the firewall. But I couldn't solve this problem. I'm also packing this problem with windeployqt after compiling it as release or debug. Although I authorize this program from the firewall and run it as an administrator, I cannot send or receive any packages. Have you ever experienced a similar error? If there is how it is solved. Thank you very much in advance.

    Happy codings,

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