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Import 1.0 -> Package not found

  • I have this miserable problem in Qt Creator 2.3.1. I'm creating a Qt Quick application project with Symbian components. All good at this point. Then I close Qt Creator, restart the PC (Windows 7 64 bit), opening Qt Creator and my project on the next day. And all of a sudden import 1.0 line gives Package not found error.

    Temporary fix:
    --Just create another Qt Quick UI application project using the wizard. After that Qt Creator starts seeing symbian components again also in your old project.

    This is probably an existing bug in Qt Creator / Qt SDK?

  • This starts to be too annoying. Now Qt Creator will loose 1.0 after every time I run the project on HW. Right now I can't even get it recognize the library. I should probably try and update the whole SDK to Belle.

  • try:

    import Qt.labs.components 1.0
    import 1.1


    CONFIG += qt-components

    [EDIT: code formatting, Volker]

  • Thanks. This sort of resolved itself after I've upgraded to SDK 4.7.4.

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