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Anyone use Qml.Net to use QtQuick UI/controls with .Net Core?

  • Hi:

    I'm a newbie here doing some prototyping to evaluate Qt Quick.

    Our back end is .Net Core (C#) based.
    I am looking for a platform independent front end and are considering QtQuick 2.

    I noticed there is a 3rd party open source library called Qml.Net which looks like it
    would play nicely with our .Net Core framework.

    Has anyone had any experience using this in a production environment?
    What did you find?

    It looks like it is built to work with QtQuick 2.
    This could be limiting to us as we would like to utilize TreeViews in our panels.
    Before I start digging into this, has anyone tried to use Qml.Net with QtQuick 1.x libraries?

    Any advice across these questions would be well appreciated.


  • Using QtQuick.Controls 1.x doesn't means that you are using Quick 1. Quick 1 was a part of QML in Qt 4, while in Qt 5 it is Quick 2. Right now you can mix both Controls 1 and Controls 2, but keep in mind, that Controls 1 marked as deprecated.

  • I'm the author of Qml.Net.
    We use it in production at my workplace.
    It is strictly a QML integration, so it will work with QtQuick 1/2.

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