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QPainter removes last QImage data in next function call

  • I defined a QList of QImage in a class header,

    QList<QImage> imageList;

    and when call a function in that class it creates a new QImage and append that in imageList that i defined in header

    QImage printFace( 2100 , 2970 , QImage::Format_RGBA64_Premultiplied );

    and after that i create a QPainter on last QImage that i added in imageList

    QPainter painter(&imageList.last());

    and i draw a new image on painter

    painter.drawImage(50, 50 ,image1)

    Everything is right up to here.

    My problem is:
    when i call that function agane and draw new image with distance (free space) the last image i draw disappears.

    painter.drawImage(50, 200 ,image1)

    Note that i call that function in a loop in one clone (object) of that class and not a fresh object

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Do you mean that the last image you draw on the QImage in the list, is
    overwritten when you draw on it again or in what way disappears ?

  • @mrjj yes

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    That sounds odd as QPainter painter(&imageList.last());
    should not clear it or anything as far as i know.

    And you checked that it really is the same image as last time ?

    I see no fillRect or anything that should clear it so i think its somewhere else in the code
    than listed here.

  • @mrjj
    I see no fillRect or anything
    if you didnt say that, I never remembered that in my codes i used fillRect .
    i copied some code from my other project and i forgot to remove that
    and when i post my problem i only list Important parts or the parts I thought were wrong

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Oh thats great. Sometimes one can be lucky :)
    Well you did right. Its good to reduce the code to the parts that might matter.

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