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Set to never run

  • Hello. I am sick and tired of playing a game of Civilization V and, on closing it, three different qtwebprocessengines are eating up 30% of my processor. Is there some way to set this near-malware of QT product to never, ever run on my computer?

    Thank you,

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    I think you're directing your anger at the wrong thing. Qt by itself is just a library. It does nothing. The thing you're describing is what some programmers of that game chose to do with it and you should rather contact them.
    Right now you're blaming a shoe company for making boots used by a murderer. Makes no sense.

    To answer your question - sure, you can just delete Qt dlls and it will stop but your game will likely stop running too. As I said - that's just how someone chose to use Qt. Contact them.

  • Argh and thank you.

    Trouble is, we have alerted them on their forums and on Steam, no avail. That's why I thought I'd take a shot, here.

    I understand your explanation, makes sense, and I appreciate it, very much.


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    I understand your frustration but there's nothing we can do here. Qt just provides tools. Someone just made a poor use of them. I'm a game engine programmer myself so I can tell you that it can be hard to diagnose these types of issues and it is often hard to even know they exist. It might be a bug, bad network design or a simple case of "works on my machine". Sometimes it's an entirely different team that makes a crappy launcher for otherwise good game or vice versa.

    Try to contact the creators. Developers often don't read forums but there's a lot of them on social media like twitter or reddit. Just be polite and keep your head cool. They're people too. Try to imagine how you'd like to be approached when something you made doesn't work for somebody ;)

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