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How to get same compiler flags with QMake and CMake?

  • We are switching over to using CMake for our projects and I noticed some slight compiler flag differences after switching. This is with MSVC 2019 x64. One difference is that UNICODE and _UNICODE are defined using a QMake project file but not with CMake (these defines are in Makefile.Release when using QMake). I think this is being set in the appropriate mkspec file, but would expect Qt's CMake files to add the same compiler flags/defines. Is there a way to ensure the same compiler flags when using CMake and QMake?

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    Why do you need it? Do you have WinAPI calls in your source? I'm pretty sure it's added automatically, at least for MSVC.


  • @Christian-Ehrlicher Yes, we do have some WinAPI calls and the unicode-related defines weren't added when using MSVC with CMake. I know how to add definitions with CMake, but I would expect anything that is automatically defined by default by Qt with a QMake project file to be automatically defined by default when using CMake and find_package(Qt5Core REQUIRED).

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    Why? It's not needed to use Qt and only added by qmake due to backwards compatibility concerns or due to the fact that noone removed it during Qt5 porting.

  • My concern was more with any other compiler flags that I don't know about and not specifically the unicode defines which are just an example.

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    Since these are two different build systems there are for sure different flags. If you need a specific flag you have to make sure it's there for both build systems. Both can create a running Qt application.

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