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How to move a specified QLineSeries from one point to another point using mouse only?

  • I need to move a specified QLineSeries in a QChart from the point where the mouse left-button is pressed to the point where the mouse moves and the left-button is released.
    The key points to do so include what?
    Thanks in advance!
    By the way, the pressed event of one QLineSeries means what? Pressed on any points on it and holds? It seems that I must double-click to trigger this event, pressing on it and holding does nothing.

  • @newKid
    When you press mouse left-button on some point and drag the mouse and release it somewhere , QLineSeries will emit released(QPointF) signal. catch the signal and replace the point in lineseries using insert() method with the point received through signal.

  • Thanks very much for your answer! I've made it to move or rotate the specified series!
    Anyway, thanks again!
    Best regards!

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