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Windows Static Build - No QT Platform Plugin, and it's not being build.

  • I'm using MSVC 2019, and the latest source of Qt. I've attached my config.log and config.cache

    When I try to run my application which is linked against this static Qt, I get the error


    I've looked around and found this answer which seems like the right thing to do. However, there libraries are not being built for me. It seems there are checks that prevent the windows platform plugin from compiling:

    in I'm seeing:
    win32:!winrt:qtConfig(direct3d9): SUBDIRS += windows

    And I guess I don't have direct3d9 so it's not running? Is that really needed? I'm currently passing -opengl desktop to the configure script. Not sure if direct X and openGL are alternatives or just different. I'm really lost in a rabbit hole here...

    So, how can I fix my static build so that it works?


  • Ok, I don't know why, but cleaning and completely reconfiguring and rebuilding worked. Must of have been something left over from a previous attempt.

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