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Debugging QML parsing

  • Hi,
    I am new to QT Quick and trying to setup basic functionalities.

    I am using Visual Studio 2019 + QT VS Tools .

    When there is an error in the QML file that I try to load in my program, it usually ends with "Access violation" or obscure assertion in QT, with almost no info to actually find what the issue is.

    If I check the QML file in QT Creator, usually, but not always it will give me clues of the simple syntax error that it caused it, or if I manage to run in it even runtime info in QML debug console like "qrc:​/​main.​qml:​3 module "​QtQuick.​Controls"​ version 2.​14 is not installed".

    Now running my project in QT Creator is not practical. How do I access all the QML syntax or runtime error that are visible in QT Creator from the C++ side on runtime? I've already defined QT_QML_DEBUG, QT_DECLARATIVE_DEBUG, QML_IMPORT_TRACE visual studio project, and I can actually debug step by step the QML files.


  • Hi ,
    May I know which version of Qt Creator you used...

  • @Kiranachari-Shilpi QT Creator 4.11. However I would like to avoid using it for debugging. I would like to capture and show the errors internally. E.g. will also need it for changing UI on the fly with live QML editing.

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