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Extend file system

  • Hello,
    I would like to extend the scope of the QT files system in order to be able use QFile and resource engine to load data from this file extended system.

    I have a rather sophisticated virtual file system engine, where I can use files on any device with proper virtual file system handler implementation. It's similar in surtax to QT when accessing files as URI or from resource. However my system is not limited to OS files + resources.


    I would like in similar way to be able to load files using QImage("device://dev_name/filename")

    Is QT ready for that kind of file system extension?


  • It sounds like you would be more interested in KDE's KIO which is built with Qt, but has the idea of abstract IO devices so you can read files from arbitrary sources using the API.

  • @wrosecrans Thanks I will check it out. From first view, it can't really extend QT own system.

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