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Qt and Visual Studio (MSVC) 2019

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    Long time ago I do not program using Qt, today I'm installing latest version to start again but found a lot of changes since last time when the installation was offline and there was no MSVC integration. The install program asked to choose the packages/modules and there are some modules for MSVC 2015 and 2017. Are they really required or it is possible to keep doing like the old times manually at the command prompt? And, if I choose to install MSVC support, will it work on Visual Studio 2019 or only 2015 and 2017? MSVC is the community version and Qt the opensource version... Thanks for your help!

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    MSVC2019 and 2017 are binary compatible so install Qt for MSVC2017. And yes there will also be a Qt command line, no need to use the MSVC integration.

  • @Christian-Ehrlicher Thanks! I will try it, but surely I will be using the command line.

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